Karnataka Lokayukta
Karnataka Lokayukta

Object of legislation/independence of Lokayukta and waitage of the recommendation of Hon’ble Lokayukta and Hon’ble Upalokayukta:

  1. (1998) 6 SCC 66 - C. Rangaswamaiah and others Vs. Karnataka Lokayukta and others – Independence of Lokayukta and its effective functioning are the matters of utmost importance.

  2. (1997) 9 SCC 42 Institution of A.P. Lokayukta/Upalokayukta Vs. T. Ramasubba Reddy – When the institution of Lokayukta is headed by high judicial dignitaries, such authorities should be armed with appropriate powers so that their orders and opinions do not become mere paper directions.

  3. Sri. J.P. Prakash Vs. The State of Karnataka and another (WP No. 5361/2016 (S-KAT) dated 06-04-2016 Karnataka High Court (DB) – When the Hon’ble Lokayukta or Hon’ble Upalokayukta has recommended for initiation of enquiry under Section 12(3) of Karnataka Lokayukta Act, the government cannot go behind the recommendation unless it is set aside by the competent court or only in exceptional circumstances and on a very strong ground.

  4. (2013) 3 SCC 117 – Justice Chandrashekaraiah (Retd.) Vs. Janekere C. Krishna and others– History of legislation the Karnataka Lokayukta Act, object and purpose of the Act – Procedure for appointment of Lokayukta/Upalokayukta – Consultation process with the 4 constitutional authorities

  5. The Hon'ble Lokayukta and another V/s Sri. Prakash T.V. and others (W.P. No. 29212/2017 (S-KAT) C/W W.P. No. 29213/2017 and 38938/2018 (S-KAT) dated 29-06-2021, (DB)The institution of Karnataka Lokayukta being a statutory body constituted to curb the menace of corruption, has an institutional interest and as well as the locus to challenge the order passed by Karnataka State Administrative tribunal in the matters dealt by it.The judgment of Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka rendered in the case of the Registrar , Karnataka Lokayukta V/s. Dr.Dakshayini K and others, W.P. No. 58804/2016, decided on 07.06.2021 is distinguished.